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Abdalla Elbadawy

With over 12 years of professional experience managing and leading successful customer management functions within Customer Experience, Service Design, Marketing, and Digital Marketing; working in different organizational business models and environments whether agency, consultancy, corporate or a startup, I ensure you a state of the art training experience that will sail you through a transformational journey framing, understanding and practicing experience design then learning how to successfully and effectively plan and manage experience based projects and integrating this whole new discipline with the well established, mature business disciplines such as Marketing, Product Management, Human Resources and Customer Service, … etc

A people oriented, insights driven and design thinking mindset


Envisioning and Shifting the MENA region’s economic context from product/service based into an experience/transformational based economy via collaboration and cocreation with the region’s brightest and visionary minds and organizations, one experience at a time.


The Experience Economy

Abdalla is talking – in Arabic – about the economy of the experience and its opportunities and economic advantages in the Middle East

Companies and Clients Proudly worked with

I’ve proudly worked for, served, founded and hosted some successful companies, organizations and initiatives such as:

Companies and Clients Proudly worked with